Community Notices

Community Notices

We're very happy to publish community notices. If you have something you'd like to share with the community, please use the contact form.

Dublin Port Public Consultation
A public consultation is now open on the future of cruise tourism at Dublin Port.
A public consultation is now open on the future of cruise tourism at Dublin Port. For further information, please click here
Your feedback is required by January 17th, 2020.

BusConnects - Phase II Public Consultation - Dublin Area Revised Bus Network

Updated proposed bus routes are now available on the BusConnects website.

Updated proposed bus routes are now available on the BusConnects website ( The closing date for this phase of the public consultation is Tuesday 10th December 2019. You can give your feedback via the Website.

Saturday Morning Coffee
Would you like to join your neighbours for a coffee on Saturday mornings?

A casual Saturday morning meetup has been started in the Boulevard Café from 10 a.m. Please feel free to go along!

WhatsApp Group
If you would like to join the Residents' Association WhatsApp Group, please click the link below.

The Tree Summit
Ideas for Trees and BusConnects 2pm Sunday 29th Sept

A series of talks and a discussion on "Ideas for Trees and BusConnects" will be held at the Landsdowne Hotel, Pembroke Road on Sunday 29th September at 2pm by the Pembroke Road Residents' Association. Seems like an interesting event that we should seek to support.
More details...

Proposed Development in Herbert Place

The Residents' Association wishes to draw members' attention to a proposed development in Herbert Place. A brief summary of this development is contained in attached document. Some of our members will be significantly adversely affected by this development, however our concerns about this development go far beyond the impact it will have on individual residents. We believe:

  • It does nothing to support the development of a residential community in the South Georgian Core.
  • The bulk and mass of the proposed building is totally out of keeping with the area.
  • It is not consistent with Z8 planning (conservation area) in Herbert Place. It is the view of the residents' association that all developments in a Z8 area should have a 40% residential component, particularly since the Council have removed the requirement within individual houses. Otherwise, a residential vision for the future of the South Georgian Core will never materialise.
  • It further exacerbates the unbalanced development of the city, leading to further congestion in the area and¬†will have a negative environmental impact.
  • The visual amenity or the area will be substantially negatively impacted as a result of this development.
  • The rooflines both in Herbert Place and in Herbert Lane¬†will be breached on a substantial basis.
How you can help?

We are encouraging residents to make observations to DCC. Observations must be made by September 12th. The observations can be short and concise - nothing elaborate is required. Clive Carroll is happy to give you further information:

Culture Night - September 20th

Open House Weekend: October 11th & 13th

Report on BusConnects

Anna Devlin has prepared a short, comprehensive report on the Bus Connects project and its likely impact on Pembroke Road and Baggot Street Lower/Fitzwilliam Street.

The report is attached. Please read and make observations/submissions to the NTA before May 30th. This is a very significant infrastructural project deserving of thoughtful consideration by residents in the area.

Community Enhancement Programme 2019

The Dublin City Local Community Development Committee, under the Community Enhancement Programme 2019, is now inviting applications for funding. The Programme is focused on providing capital grants to local community or voluntary groups and not for profit organisations.

The Guidelines for funding and application form are attached. If you have an idea to enhance the area, please let us know and we will consider applying for funding under the scheme. The closing date for submissions is 14th June 2019.

Membership Fees for 2019

Quite a number of the 2018 members have not as yet paid membership fees for 2019 . We appreciate everyone is busy and this may be just an oversight. I attach again the 2019 Membership Application Form and if you have not already done so, your support by paying the 2019 membership fee would be very much appreciated.

We have made paying membership fees easier: it can now be done using PayPal. If you have not paid your membership for 2019, just click this link to pay the fees using PayPal.

If you have however, made a conscious decision not to renew your membership for 2019, we would love to know your reasons. So, please drop us an e-mail and let us know how you feel!

Jean Flitcroft is inviting residents of the South Georgian Core to become members of the Fitzwilliam Square Association. Membership entitles access to the gardens at any time.

There will also be keyholders' summer BBQ this year.

The annual fee is €375 per household for tenants and owners living off the square and €850 for owners on the square (tenants on the square are €375 also).

Further information from:

All money goes to the garden maintenance with the aim of preserving its Georgian heritage. The layout compared to other city squares is almost unchanged since its origins in 1813. We are also hoping to reinstate the fountain and replace its brass statue which was stolen in the 1970s.

This may be of interest to some residents - A course on conserving a period home.